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Reset Your Child's Brain
Language: en
Pages: 384
Authors: Victoria L. Dunckley, MD
Categories: Family & Relationships
Type: BOOK - Published: 2015-06-16 - Publisher: New World Library

Increasing numbers of parents grapple with children who are acting out without obvious reason. Revved up and irritable, many of these children are diagnosed with ADHD, bipolar illness, autism, or other disorders but don’t respond well to treatment. They are then medicated, often with poor results and unwanted side effects.
Aufruhr im Kopf
Language: de
Pages: 304
Authors: Daniel J. Siegel
Categories: Self-Help
Type: BOOK - Published: 2015-04-13 - Publisher: MVG Verlag

Im Alter zwischen 12 und 24 Jahren finden tief greifende Veränderungen in den Gehirnen von Jugendlichen statt. Dies äußert sich meist in einem grundlegend veränderten und scheinbar irrationalen Verhalten und bringt die Jugendlichen sowie auch ihre Eltern oft genug an den Rand des Wahnsinns. Aufruhr im Kopf erklärt die wirklichen
Language: en
Pages: 426
Authors: Avigail Gimpel M.S.
Categories: Self-Help
Type: BOOK - Published: 2021-05-27 - Publisher: Gatekeeper Press

Did your child just join the millions diagnosed with ADHD? (Why are there so many?) Do you KNOW your child is healthy but wish you had more tools (other than stimulant drugs) to help her succeed? Do you find yourself frequently exploding with frustration at your challenging child? In this
The Upside of Digital Devices
Language: en
Pages: 264
Authors: Nicole Dreiske
Categories: Family & Relationships
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-05 - Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.

Trying to police and protect a child from screen time is unquestionably one of the most confusing and frustrating responsibilities of good parenting. It's a tough job being a 'media monitor' all the time. Technology is at the center of everything we do—TVs, smart phones, computers, and tablets are no
What If We Taught the Way Children Learn?
Language: en
Pages: 216
Authors: Rae Pica
Categories: Education
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-07-20 - Publisher: Corwin Press

Strengthen the connection between child development and learning We often teach our children in ways contrary to what we know about their development. What if our learning environments honored children’s natural inclinations and used them to enrich their lives? To help students experience joy and discovery, while also preparing them