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New Birth or Rebirth?
Language: en
Pages: 96
Authors: Ravi Zacharias
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2010-03-31 - Publisher: Multnomah

Ultimate truth. The destiny of souls. The individual heart. Can Krishna and Jesus agree on anything? This is what Subramaniam, a real-life Hindu of the twentieth century, wonders as he enters a fictitious conversation between two religious figures who have changed the lives of millions. As Jesus and Krishna respond
Under the Bodhi Tree
Language: en
Pages: 224
Authors: Santikaro
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2017-05-16 - Publisher: Simon and Schuster

A renowned Buddhist master digs into the idea of interdependency—the very core of the Buddha’s teachings. Under the Bodhi Tree takes us back to the principles at the heart of Buddha’s teachings—conditionality and dependent co-arising. Ajahn Buddhadasa Bhikkhu makes the case for dependent co-arising as a natural law, and builds
Lincoln's Gettysburg Address
Language: en
Pages: 280
Authors: A. E. Elmore
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Type: BOOK - Published: 2009-11-20 - Publisher: SIU Press

While it has long been determined that Abraham Lincoln’s writings were influenced by the King James Bible, until now no full-length study has shown the precise ways in which the Gettysburg Address uses its specific language. Refuting the view that the address was crafted with traditional classical references, this revealing
In the Pursuit of Holiness
Language: en
Pages: 136
Authors: Calvin L. McCullough
Categories: Reference
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-03 - Publisher: AuthorHouse

This book is a tool that we can use to redirect our lives and the lives of others as we fulfill the call and the command that every Christian has on their life . . . and it is to live holy and pleasing lives unto God the Father. The
Reincarnation in America
Language: en
Pages: 486
Authors: Lee Irwin
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2017-07-31 - Publisher: Lexington Books

This book presents a history of reincarnation, from ancient times to the present; it is written for a diverse readership interested in theories of life after death. The survey offers an exciting journey through a maze of fascinating ideas that all contribute to an underlying theory that after death comes